Custom SUBLIMATION Transfer Printing

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Custom SUBLIMATION Transfer Printing

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Graphic Size:Tumbler size

Please read all instructions before submitting your image to be printed.
We only print DTF (Direct to Film) and sublimation transfers.


The transfer of INKS from sublimation paper to item using heat. The item must be of 50% Polyester for apparel or have a Polymer coated or sublimation approved surface. Sublimation is used for apparel and hard or soft goods made for sublimation - i.e. coffee cups, tumblers, mouse pads, and so much more.

You must have a HEAT PRESS to apply your design

Your garment or blank product must be at least 50% polyester the more polyester the higher quality of the graphic. The garment must also be light in color since we are dying the garment. In apparel the higher the polyester count the more vibrant and crisp the image transfers, white is always the best result in full color sublimation transfers. The lower the polyester count i.e. 50% the more vintage like look it will have.

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Before the printing process begins I wanted to inform you that the file you send is the exact file that will be sent to the printer. Therefore we recommend a high resolution JPEG or a PNG file.  If not you're taking  the risk of having a low quality image printed.  No screenshots or pictures of projects will be accepted.  The file needs to be ready to print, we do not remove watermarks or clean up any images. A transparent background is NOT needed for sublimation, but if there is a background it needs to be white. The paper is white, and you can't sublimate the color white, it doesn't transfer. 

Email the image you are ordering 

Please when submitting your graphic,  provide dimensions you need it printed. 
I.E. - I need Qty 2 of file ABCD - 11" wide 

Our sublimation printer can print as wide as 24" and we can print it as long as you need as it is on a 100 foot roll.

General apparel application process
⦁ Lay design facedown on the product with the white backing facing up.
⦁ Press at 400F for 45 seconds peel HOT.
Custom Printing Pricing

  • Each image printed is $5 each single graphic up to 12"x14" in size max.
  • EX. 4 Copies of 1 graphic is $20. Unless they all fit on the 12x24 printing surface then its $10 total.
  • Tumbler prints are $5 each as well

Custom prints have a 1-3 day TAT (turnaround time), and an email will be sent to you as soon as your order is ready for pick-up.